The White Place, Teeth Whitening Process

We use the latest LED technology to whiten your teeth and make them look pristine and bright. Our treatment minimizes sensitivity during the procedure to ensure maximum comfort. Enjoy a whiter, brighter smile smile with shade differences of 2-6, guaranteed.

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Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Us

Do you look in the mirror and feel that your face is starting to look tired even when you are’nt?

Do you have special occasion coming up what feel worried that your look of confidence in your appearance will mean that you wont enjoy it?

If you feel like your skin needs boost and injection of youthful rigour, facial, aesthetics can give you what you are looking for.

We offer the latest aesthetic treatments, carried out by a fully trained an insured technician


Feel Confident & Empowered

In Just 40 Minutes With Our Light Accelerate Teeth Whitening.

Contact us for no obligation quote with fully trained an insured technician.

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